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Swiss Data Labs makes the successful and agile implementation of big data pilot projects – indispensable for contemporary marketing – possible, even without any pre-investment.

Big data is everywhere today. Companies have access to increasingly large amounts of customer and other marketing-related data. Often, however, the potential benefit of data-based applications must be proven before an investment in them is made. Because of this, a lot of companies cannot implement an expedient, iterative, and gradual approach to the sustainable and profitable use of data.

Swiss Data Labs offers a comprehensive range of services and infrastructure for companies, marketers, those responsible for CRM or customer data, data scientists, and anyone else wanting to successfully use big data analytics with little upfront investment. Pilot projects, executed quickly and efficiently in the safety of a Switzerland lab, function as “proof of value." With our strong partner network, we provide the complete infrastructure – a state-of-the-art toolset with database and software packages like SAS, R, Python, Hortonworks, and Cloudera – and you get an all-inclusive service.

Thanks to our partnership, you can use big-data insights without concern over the technical and administrative details. And the best part – you’re only charged when actively using Swiss Data Labs.

In an initial workshop, we design and set-up a prototype to generate significant and provable results. With a systematic classification of your data, we guarantee usability for an efficient proof. After safely transferring your data into our lab, we set up encrypted access based on your authorizations. Then, in an onboarding workshop, we explain the functions to you and your team, and from there you can directly access your data. If you desire, we assist you in analyzing, modeling, and visualizing your data. It’s also easy to transfer your lab environment into your company after the prototype project has proven successful.

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