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Engagement Hub

With our Engagement Hub, you manage all touchpoints and processes from a central site. It's the basis for a synchronized customer experience through all channels and enables you to use customer data directly at any touchpoint and in real time.

Even with teams dedicated to each channel, many enterprises still have problems meeting customers' expectations for relevant content and personalized offers at the right time and on the right channel. The key to personalizing a customer's digital experience lies in customer data, which is often still hidden or barely accessible within clumsy systems. A solution is needed that can activate the next best action based on customer data.

Our Engagement Hub automates the management of customer lifecycles. Using data sources, the hub assigns customers to segments. Each customer gets relevant and exciting information whenever engaging your enterprise – whether on the website, social media, or by email. Channels can be developed either directly from the engagement hub or by intelligently designed existing touchpoints (e.g., your website). Everything from simple actions to sophisticated, automated, and multi-step marketing campaigns can be created for whatever you need. Since the engagement hub gets content from CI-compliant sources, your brand never loses consistency even with very tactical, short-term actions.

Our Engagement Hub moves your customer engagement into the digital age. You use the data that is generated at any touchpoint to provide the customer with added value immediately. All engagement managed with a hub deepens your relationship with your customers, optimizing their lifecycle for maximum value on both ends. Engagement hubs can be implemented as a complete solution or for just one channel. Either way, it's essential that the data generated is interpreted with the target of integrated, cross-channel communication.

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