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Multichannel Campaign Management

Our data-driven Multichannel Campaign Management makes customer lifecycle marketing possible. Customized communication and a relevant brand experience means happy and loyal customers.

The marketing ecosystem has changed. Proliferating social channels, datasets, and customer expectations demand smarter marketing strategies, measures, and budgets. While a lot of marketers already collect data, they often don't know how to aggregate, analyze, interpret, and orchestrate it for decisions.

Our Multichannel Campaign Management assists you in the conception, implementation, and optimization of cross-channel campaigns. Behavioral data is evaluated, targeted segments defined, and the most relevant offers sent out through your offline and online channels at the right time. We turn your website into an interactive, individualized touchpoint with real-time, behavior-related retargeting. We even integrate CRM data for context-related individualization. With a closed-loop principle, campaign optimization becomes an integrated process. Changes in behavior are analyzed and anticipated, and methods adapted respectively.

Your customers and potential customers get the right content, at the right time, through the right channel. With gained competitive advantages, you increase your marketing performance. Whether an introduction or our full service, we offer complete solutions – customized for your needs and requirements.

During our first meeting, we evaluate your needs and requirements and show you the advantages of our Multichannel Campaign Management. We also show you how other customers are using this solution to enhance their marketing performance.



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