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Personalized Website

A personalized website is constantly reacting to and learning from its visitor's actions. For many visitors, it knows their actions on other touchpoints and delivers a highly customized brand experience, aligned with their interests. For unknown visitors, the site highlights relevant content as it learns about their interests.

Relevant content is critical for customer conversion. Today's marketing challenge is to offer an individual, appropriate, and consistent brand experience at each touchpoint. While many websites measure and even evaluate user behavior, the user experience remains the same. Whether a first-time visitor or a long-time customer, the individual is never addressed and additional touchpoints aren't realized.

We orchestrate unique and integrated brand experiences across diverse channels. For our Personalized Website solution, our digital assistant knows which visitors interacted with what and for how long. When visitors can be identified, our digital assistant considers additional CRM data and other touchpoint interactions. Our digital assistant aggregates complex relations and allocates users to analytically determined segments. The result – a completely automated, individualized, and consistent brand experience in real time.

When experiences are unique and relevant, familiarity, sympathy, and emotional commitment to a brand evolve. When deciding between similar options, these are the decisive factors. Unique and relevant experiences also translate into lower churn rates and a higher probability of recommendations.

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