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Content Hub & Corporate Newsroom

A content hub is essential for developing relationships with customers by providing the experience they've come to expect. With a centralized and easily accessible location, a content hub enables your teams to create and obtain high-quality content whenever needed. With timely and targeted content creating a relevant experience for customers, engagement goes up along with your brand's prominence and credibility.

“Content is king.” A phrase so ubiquitous now, it’s become a cliché. But as today's surge of content and engagement continues to reveal, this maxim has never been more applicable. Customer relationships sit at the core of every marketing and communications department. And both the creation of high-quality content with consistent messaging and the targeted distribution of it play crucial roles. From websites and social media to digital newsletters and print advertisements, today's diverse formats present an additional challenge. What’s needed is a central steering of all content – a content hub or corporate newsroom – that enables flexible creation and maintenance while assuring consistent messaging on all channels.

Enter our content hub solution. Press releases, web articles, annual reports, customer magazines, infographics, podcasts, videos, and more – a content hub is both the storehouse of and control center for all content and related assets. With a visually attractive and easy to use interface, our content hub enables various teams in multiple locations to create, edit, and translate content in real-time and publish it in the right format for each channel. It also automatically tracks and archives each edition, making older versions easily accessible.

By centralizing creation and administration, our content hub supports consistent messaging across all channels. Another advantage, which can’t be overemphasized, is that once content is created, it’s automatically adapted to your various channels. This means enormous gains in efficiency. Communication with your target market is faster, more consistent, and more direct, customer experience is enhanced, and engagement often surges.

During our first meeting, we begin by evaluating your unique needs. You’ll also have the chance to see how other customers are using our content hubs to enhance their marketing performance. We then present a content hub solution tailored to meet your needs. We’re excited to find the ideal content hub solution for your distinct needs. Set up a non-binding appointment today.



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