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Content Management System

Our fully integrated Content Management System (CMS) streamlines working processes, avoids duplications, and makes your customers' interactions with your website personal. Your website becomes a customer magnet.

From initial contact to sustained interaction, websites are one of today's primary touchpoints. Web content must be up-to-date and look exceptional on all devices – mobile, tablet, and desktop. From text to multimedia files, from chat to search engines, many diverse elements need to be integrated. Exacerbating this, the websites of national and global companies are administered by numerous stakeholders, often in different locations. What's needed is a solution that makes cooperation efficient, assures the quality of online content, and makes the website an attractive destination.

Our fully integrated Content Management Systems make it easy for your team to upload and edit content. Defined access rights, workflows, and approval processes minimize errors, even when many people are working. All modifications can be tracked, and each iteration saved. Newsletters, blogs, and chats are smoothly integrated as are search engines, product information management (PIM) systems, and external data sources, such as maps and calendars. And the website can be created in different language versions.

Working collectively in our CMS eliminates duplications, streamlines processes, and exponentially increases the efficiency of collaboration. As your marketing team develops targeted content, our CMS automatically adapts it for each output channel. It automatically archives articles with an expiration date offline. By offering customers a unique and relevant experience, your website becomes the first step in successful customer journeys.

During our first meeting, we evaluate your unique CMS needs. We show you the functions and advantages of this solution and how others are using our CMS to enhance their marketing performance. The appointment is non-binding, so there's nothing to lose.

Interested in our state-of-the-art Content Management System?