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Digital Asset Management

Imagine: all marketing and sales-related files are administered centrally and available anywhere, anytime. Our tailored Digital Asset Management (DAM) system not only streamlines all marketing, sales, and other processes but also guarantees CI and CD consistency throughout all corporate communications.

Marketing and sales departments continuously produce all kinds of digital assets – from pictures and videos to documents and ad-related data. Most companies lose a lot of time locating such assets with their ever-increasing versions and variations. This is especially true for businesses with dispersed marketing and sales teams, external partners, or both. These companies need a solution enabling the central administration of all types of files while keeping them accessible company-wide and around the clock.

Enter our web-based digital asset management system. Whether individuals or teams, users can upload media with ease. Through tags and an intuitive storage structure, employees can quickly locate media files and adapt them to specific and localized needs. With our automated file conversion feature, downloaded files come formatted for each channel. And our sophisticated approval management system allows you to grant each employee the appropriate level of access. You can easily install access-restricted areas for confidential assets as needed.

Your sales employees can access pitch decks, presentations, or product fact sheets pain-free and as needed. Officers and directors have an overview of all current marketing assets and activities and can grant external partners access to the files they need. Central administration combined with a wide-range of levels of access guarantees that all marketing and communications are consistent with corporate design, messaging, and identity.

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DAM For Efficiency & Brand Consistency


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