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The job manager: the central platform for project and workflow management

With the job manager, you can efficiently and transparently execute advertising material production, promotions, and market research jobs from initial brainstorming to final approval and production. The job manager can serve you regardless of whether the tasks require internal efforts or orders are assigned to external service providers.

Whether it's creating marketing materials or launching campaigns, most marketing processes involve several employees – and often external service providers like agencies, translators, or printers. What's more, numerous projects usually run simultaneously. In order to maintain an overview and ensure high quality standards, today's marketing teams need a solution that guarantees both efficient processes and secure workflows.

With the job manager, we offer a central platform for order management, project administration, and workflow structuring. This solution is ideal for marketing departments that want to simplify, accelerate, and improve the documentation of their creative workflows when creating and implementing marketing materials.

The job manager is a significant help during order and project management, especially when several project participants produce marketing materials at regular intervals. The job manager bundles all production orders in a central location and enables efficient processing through standardized processes. Color codes for different tasks and workflows make it possible to see the project status at a glance. Dashboards and various other views ensure clarity. The platform is extremely easy to use and is fitted with user-friendly functions like drag and drop and automatically-scheduled due dates.

Thanks to standardized workflows, you get clear, fast and, above all, traceable processes. This results in shorter lead times, reduced costs, and more productivity in the team.

The job manager regulates the production process and ensures clear responsibilities for the respective task areas, both for the marketing managers themselves and for their internal and external service providers (e.g. agencies, photographers, translators, printers). All project participants get a clear overview of the tasks assigned to them, including all the relevant detailed information, such as deadlines, task status, and project progress. Clearly structured and well-arranged processes increase productivity and reduce throughput times. The bundling of all production orders guarantees efficient processing. 

Our job manager solution has the following key advantages:

  • A clear dashboard: At a glance, you can see a) all to-dos assigned to you, b) tasks that are not assigned to anyone, c) all tasks attached to a project and their workflow status, and d) conversations about jobs and workflows.
  • Customizable views: The job manager offers multiple views, including a Table View that can be filtered according to various criteria, Gantt charts with a clear timeline, and Kanban View, in which job types are stored on cards with color codes for a quick overview.
  • Quick links: Quick links can be used to create new tasks quickly and easily. Tasks that are not assigned to anyone can also be assigned with a click.
  • Streamlined new task creation: The job manager includes a well-structured and easy-to-use interface for creating new tasks with the relevant details (e.g. briefing, details, creation, approval) and clearly identifiable workflow status. 
  • Real-time updates: With the "job discussion" feature, you can always have discussions about jobs in real time in a panel that's easy to view and stays attached to the project.
  • User-friendly features: For example, color coding makes it easy to see project progress at a glance. Drag and drop functions simplify selecting images or assigning tasks to new workflows.

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