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Job Manager

The job manager is the central module for job, project, and workflow management.

With a job manager, ad material production, promotions, or market research are executed efficiently and transparently from initial idea conception to creation and finalization. The job manager can handle both internal jobs or ones given to external service providers. Thanks to standardized workflows, you get clear, fast, and comprehensible processes, shorter cycle times, reduced costs, and increased productivity in the team.

The job manager is perfect for marketing areas where creative workflows for creation and realization of advertisement materials should be simplified, accelerated, and better documented. The job manager is a significant aid in the administration of tasks and project management, especially when different parties have to work together to regularly produce marketing materials. This solution regulates the production process and the responsibilities for the marketing team itself, and also for internal and external service providers, e.g. agencies, photographers, translators, or printing companies. Everyone involved in a project thus has a clear overview of key tasks as well as all detailed information like deadlines, status, and project progression. The job manager bundles all project assignments centrally and makes an efficient execution possible with standardized processes.

  • Increase productivity with clear, structured, and overseeable processes, simultaneously reducing stress factors.
  • See the status, the to-dos, and the progression of the projects, and follow the history.
  • Shorten processing times.
  • Bundle all production tasks centrally for efficient execution with standardized processes.
  • Improve the cooperation on a project with internal as well as with external (agencies, photographers, freelancers, printing companies, etc.) parties.
  • Reduce costs as much as possible.

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