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Marketing Performance Check

A marketing performance check reveals strengths and weaknesses in both brand and resource management. It also uncovers overlooked potentials.

Fragmented and complex markets create a situation where marketers must assess behavioral impact not only for customer segments but often for individual customers. At the same time, marketers are increasingly expected to handle resources economically. While these challenges can seem overwhelming, they present an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by using the latest marketing insights and technologies.

During our Marketing Performance Check, we evaluate your marketing performance and identify concrete action alternatives as well as individual recommendations for action. We present you with relevant best-practice measures. The Marketing Performance Check starts with an online survey of all marketing staff, followed by in-depth telephone interviews with selected employees. The findings will then be analyzed by us and presented to you together with the resulting recommendations for action.

At the end of the marketing performance check, you have a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing and where action is needed. This assessment includes all the areas around brand management: the quality of your brand management operations, effectiveness of your marketing, data analysis, and use of key performance indicators. The assessment also considers your resources management: the quality of your allocation of resources, the progressiveness of your marketing purchases, the fit of your information technology, and the efficacy of your processes and structures.

If you have a hunch that your marketing could be streamlined to increase efficiency and performance, it’s time for a marketing performance check. Set up an appointment with us today to discuss how our marketing performance check will give you a competitive advantage.

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Marketing Performance

White Paper

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