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Marketing Shop

The marketing shop offers all functions for the execution of order and delivery processes in the advertisement material logistics. Be it an image motif or a merchandising article: marketing materials of all kind can be providet by the central office to the peripheral units like branches for example.

The B2B shop is perfect for companies that have local sales partners they wish to stack with brand-conform ad materials and articles. Users like dealer, franchisees, or subsidiaries find materials and articles – single ones or in form of bundled packages – in different budget variants. The process ends when the order is executed in the consumer basket of the sales partner. Morover, the shop modul can also be used within a company to give colleagues from other departments access to advertisement articles. Because all orders take place on a central platform, the stock becomes transparent, and complete product information make queries about articles and their availabilty dispensible.

  • Central module for the whole ad materials logistics
  • Structured execution of orders and deliveries
  • For internal or external (partners, dealers, branches) use
  • Complete shop functionality, including availabilities, minimum order quantities, package units, etc. If wanted, agencies, printing companies, etc. can be linked as well.
  • Also for fee-based articles and their charging.
  • Direct link to web-to-publish for individualizable ad materials.
  • Option: product recommendations for optimizing the offers

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