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Product Information Management

Our product information management system makes the centralized, efficient, and quality-assured administration of all product data – and much more – possible.

Many companies have a number of different products, product data, fact sheets, pictures, and meta data that have to be administered in the most efficient way while their quality has to simultaneously be assured. On top of all that, there is the problem of different currencies, units of measures, product types, etc.

Our product information systems offer the opportunity to centrally manage all product data while making it available around the clock worldwide. With the use of state-of-the-art software, a systematic and efficient installation is possible, facilitating the administration of the different data. In the meantime, there are manyfold quality assurance measures, e.g. sophisticated workflows that are secured by the system itself.

This product information management system administers all content necessary for any product communication. Ad texts and relevant product features – like units of measure or prices in different currencies – can be managed in a variety of languages. The information is always up to date, and thanks to the high grade of automation, the production of individual ad materials, e.g. for regional markets, is very efficient and quality assured. Also, meta data, product responsibles, and tasks for a specific product can be added to ensure a smooth workflow.

In an initial business workshop, we analyze your existing product information system before we conceptualize, based on our best case scenarios, a new solution to increase efficiency and save resources. Of course, you decide which structures and processes you want to adapt.

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