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Sales Enablement Portal

A sales enablement portal empowers your sales team. It gives every salesperson in your organization easy access to sales-related documents and records so he or she can intelligently interact with potential customers in real-time.

Today's salesperson is tasked with interacting with customers who are already well informed. This makes it especially important that their knowledge is always up to date and that their documents are always at hand. Particularly in decentralized companies, however, the corresponding materials are often scattered. Some can be found on the intranet or within complex folder structures, while others are only available as a printout in a folder. Today's sales teams need a central portal with constantly updated sales content where all relevant documents and data are available to the sales staff at all times. But not only that. 

After the customer meeting, the salesperson should be able to deliver documents to the potential customer in a personal, simple, and user-friendly manner. This is often not the case. Problems include files that are too large, PDFs that cannot be opened on mobile devices, and a lack of information as to when and how the customer has studied the documents. The right central portal will not only simplify the procurement of material, but also optimize the dispatch of those materials to customers and enable intelligent, data-based follow-ups. 

Easily share the right documents with the entire sales organization
Our web-based sales enablement portal can become the key resource to your sales team. It serves as the central repository for all sales-relevant documents, from product data sheets and fact sheets to testimonials and best practices to training materials and manuals. The assets can be called up effortlessly – anytime and anywhere – and the content is automatically adapted to the respective output device, be it a notebook, a tablet, or a smartphone. The clear structure and clever indexing make the assets easy to locate. At the same time, the central administration ensures that all files and information are up to date – and the marketing department can measure which content is used more or less by the sales department.

Share the right documents with the customer 
Within the same web-based portal, salespeople can upload presentations with simple drag & drop functionality or send existing presentations to prospects. The system automatically generates a clickable preview of the document, specifying the name, email, and accompanying text, which the salesperson can copy and paste into a personal email. The customer receives a beautifully formatted email and can access the presentation easily, quickly, and from all devices by simply clicking on the preview image.


Controlling customer curiosity and following customer interactions 
What if the customer wants to find out more about what you have to offer? Watch a video about the new product or read a case study? You don't want to lose him or her in the vastness of the internet, where the search for more information could lead virtually anywhere. With the sales enablement portal, salespeople can offer their prospects a pre-designed course of information gathering. Once the customer finishes the initial presentation, he or she will have easy access to further predefined content via a pop-up. The portal combines this function with the option of sending reminder emails to the customer at certain intervals for more controlled, consistent communication. Within the portal, the salesperson can see what each customer has looked at, when, and for how long. This gives the salesperson the power to interact with prospects in a targeted manner and plan informed next actions and meetings.

With a sales enablement portal, the sales force of any company becomes much more powerful. The sales staff is always up to date. They can simply pull out a smartphone during a call to obtain information, or a tablet to offer a presentation to the customer. Salespeople can also use the same portal for post-processing and follow-up, sending customers personal email documents or even entire journeys while planning further interactions efficiently and effectively. The customer benefits from a fully automated user experience and professional and proactive support. With such a portal, a company's sales force can differentiate itself from its competitors and impress its potential customers.

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of a sales enablement portal. We would be happy to show you how other companies use these portals to drive success. We look forward to a non-binding appointment.

Success Story

Success Story

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