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Translation Publishing Hub

A translation publishing hub adds efficiency and transparency to translations for multilingual publications.

Whether for multilingual annual reports, customer magazines, catalogs, information brochures, or media releases, time and effort are needed to coordinate translations and the process usually involves too many people. Individual texts are often exported from some system, sent out for translation, and then imported and inserted again. It is very cumbersome to try and keep an overview of all the translations that were completed as well as the costs incurred. What is needed is a solution that makes the translation process more efficient by eliminating unnecessary steps while adding transparency to the invoicing process.

Our Censhare-based translation hub solution offers substantial gains in efficiency and cost savings on translations for multilingual publications of all kinds. Translation agencies use an interface allowing them to translate directly in their existing translation systems (Trados, Transit, Across). There is no longer any need for the time-consuming export and sending to and fro of documents. The entire coordination process is automated as a secure workflow with detailed access rights. A report is automatically generated from all translations that lists the costs. This gives you a detailed overview of all costs at all times. Another advantage is that the system automatically identifies and presents sentences that were translated before, thus eliminating repetition and generating additional gains in efficiency.

Our translation hub not only saves you money because the workflows are more efficient and no texts are translated twice, but also provides you with a tool that gives you the greatest possible degree of transparency about all translation-related processes and costs. The automatically generated reports provide explicit information on what was really translated from scratch and what was already available, and all costs are broken down in detail. In this way, the time and costs needed to produce multilingual publications can be considerably reduced.

During the first meeting, we would be happy to identify your needs and requirements for a translation hub and give you a presentation on the functions and benefits of our solution. We would also be happy to demonstrate how other customers take advantage of our translation hub to improve their marketing performance. We look forward to an opportunity to meet you, without any obligations on your part.

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