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Independent and target group-oriented print and online media with a mouse click

The web-to-print solution based on BrandMaker allows you to individualize and every print and online medium and process it ready for printing – without the use of layout software. With automated and template-based media production not only do you realize enormous savings, but the advertisement material is also 100% consistent with corporate identity and in the required quality. Especially, when you have local sales partners, web-to-print is the perfect support. With this solution you provide your partners a web-based tool with which they can adapt media to their region and person with minimum effort – to indepently conduct local area marketing.

  • Professional automation of ad materials production.
  • From the business card and the brochure to the newsletter and the video.
  • Regulated templates define what can be changed or filled in which way.
  • Seamless interfaces to the media pool and the product information management.
  • Maximum efficiency by minimizing repetitive task .
  • For internal employees as well as for external service providers.
  • Maximum consistency despite adaption of defined elements.
  • Central steering instrument for spread structures in local area marketing

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