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Stephan Sigrist, Founder and Head of W.I.R.E.

Stephan Sigrist, the founder and head of the W.I.R.E. Think Tank, has spent many years analyzing interdisciplinary developments in business and society, focusing on the implications of digitization in the life sciences, financial services, media, infrastructure, and mobility industries.

He is the publisher of the ABSTRAKT book series, author of a number of publications, and a keynote speaker at international conferences. With W.I.R.E., he advises decision makers on the development of long-term strategies and innovation projects. He also supports companies in the redesign of future-oriented spaces for employees and exchanges with clients. After studying biochemistry at the ETH Zurich, he initially joined Hoffman-La Roche’s medical research team. He subsequently went on to work at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants as a management consultant and at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute.

Stephan is a member of the Governing Board of the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre and was a member of the Innovation Council of Innosuisse, the federal agency concerned with promoting science-based innovation.