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We are Swiss partner of Talkwalker

Unbeatable brand communication and smarter customer relationships with social listening and analytics by Talkwalker

Together with Talkwalker's premier social listening and analytics platform, gateB assists companies in communicating successfully, building smart customer relationships, and strenghtening their brand.

Talkwalker provides gateB with a powerful tool for observing, analyzing, and visualizing worldwide discussions about brands, products, campaigns, and topics. Talkwalker sets new standards in this area by monitoring all channels, including the internet, social media, blogs, forums, print media, and even radio and TV stations. About 500 million posts are processed daily on 150 million networks and websites – and all that in 187 languages. With Talkwalker, the results are analyzed in real-time so that customer opinions, trends, or warning signals can be recognized early, the right influencers can be found, competitors can be screened, and campaigns can be led to success on a data-driven basis. These diverse and deep analytics can be easily combined with a company’s own data or other indicators to find correlations and to be at the right touchpoint at the right moment.

In combination with the marketing and data expertise of gateB, the insights gained with Talkwalker are followed by concrete, actionable next steps for effective brand communication.

The corporate listening dashboard for example provides you with real-time, data-based insights into the social market topics and trends that are relevant to you. It reveals both positive and negative conversations unfolding around your company, brand, and essential influencers.

Companies can get the following advantages using a state-of-the-art social listening:

  • Reputation protection: Get instant alerts for all mentions, including potential risk alerts.
  • Opinion and market leadership: By identifying future trends, targeted campaigns can be launched at an early stage in order to position your company as an opinion leader. Developing and marketing soughtafter products and services gives you a decisive competitive advantage.
  • Enhanced customer segmentation: Customer intelligence is measured using artificial intelligence (AI), which continually improves the segmentation of your audiences.
  • Intelligent customer interaction: Through push messages and more, Talkwalker makes it possible to react in real time and on the right channel.
  • Social media campaign measurement and comparison: Measure the way your social media compaigns impact sentiment and brand value using proven KPI models – and compare those results with your competitors.
  • Ease of use: Together with gateB, Talkwalker delivers clear visualizations and automated, detailed reports.

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