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Obtain control over all channels

Control all channels and optimize the allocation of your marketing budget

These days, the marketing budget might remain the same at best, but is still increasingly under pressure. Today, the marketer has to account for his or her marketing outlay. 

At the same time, the number of customer touchpoints seems to increase with every month that passes. Not just Facebook and Twitter, but also WhatsApp, Instagram, or Snapchat. The challenge for marketers is to allocate the budget effectively across the available channels, depending on where the customer is on their journey and which channel can meet them there while being cost effective. This means knowing the contribution of each channel to the ideal customer journey.

«One of the main challenges for marketers nowadays is to decide how to allocate the marketing budget the best way. We can answer that question.»

— Robert Schumacher, Director Business Development

A marketing mix optimizer can be used either with a periodic budgeting process or with a specific campaign. The purpose is to allocate the marketing budget to all customer touchpoints and to optimize according to target definition and KPI.

Marketing today cannot avoid clearly demonstrating their contribution to company success – with the optimal allocation of the available budget based on the impact achieved. Those companies who have this issue under control can, even with apparently low percentage improvements, soon make real savings running into millions.

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