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Automate your customer relationship management 

Automate and optimize customer relationship management for a targeted and relevant approach

Based on the customer lifecycle – or, additionally, on the customer relationship cycle – companies can define meaningful and relevant business cases which they can implement in workable measures.

This approach ensures that marketers think “outside-in” and not “inside-out." Away from the campaign mindset (“we have a new product”), towards the customer, defining a discussion aligned to the customer, his situation in life, and his associated needs.

«Marketing as an added value for our customers as well as for their end customers, this is real win-win.»

— Robert Schumacher, Director Business Development

Since these discussions are obviously highly individual (for example, a teenager’s first apartment is a very different experience from that of a 60-year old moving house), sooner or later this approach leads to a high level of automation.

In this connection, we often talk of “trigger-based marketing”, i.e. based on life events, ongoing “campaigns” (customer discussions) are defined in advance and then conducted on a daily (or weekly) basis. They are thus not only relevant for the customer, but can also be conducted in the right context at the right time.

Not only does this lead to a higher conversion rate, but also to greater customer satisfaction.

Initial triggers can be very simple, such as the customer’s birthday. More complex events, such as relative added benefits, which trigger a measure at a certain level, are more difficult to define. But even with the birthday trigger – with the help of analytical models – not every customer will get the same treatment: a customer likely to leave will receive an invitation to a VIP event, while a new customer will receive an add-on service with his first product.

This systematic and customer-oriented marketing discipline continues to grow and needs more than systemic support. Before too long a high level of automation becomes necessary: every trigger (“campaign”) must be thought out in advance and all eventualities considered and managed.

Consistent focus on the life requirements of a customer and the systematic response of your company – supported by analytical analysis methods – will take your marketing a decisive step forward, not only improving customer satisfaction but also providing a definite increase in your marketing ROI.

White Paper

White Paper

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