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Personalized marketing based on data

Gain data-based valuable insights about your customers to personalize your marketing

Analyses and the resulting visualization of marketing, CRM, sales and other customer-relevant data provide you with a completely new insight into your customer data from what you are used to with an operative CRM system.

Today, socio-demographic data such as name, gender and home address are no longer enough to really know your customers. It is only when the significant, behaviour-based information about your customers is used intelligently for addressing them that facts become actions and realize added value. Measurable. Transparent. And continuously improvable.

“Know your customer” is not a new idea which only appeared when everyone started talking about big data. But today it has a completely different dimension. Only those who know their customers really well can generate added value for them. If this knowledge is not generated and implemented, there is a risk that the customer will go to a competitor. Afterwards, such behaviour is called “disruptive”. But this potential risk can be reduced by consistently responding to customer behaviour and needs.

«With data-based methods, marketing often gets a triple performance improvement.»

— Robert Schumacher, Director Business Development

Generating fact-based customer knowledge needs to be done systematically with a contact and response history, so that you always know when which customer has done what at which touchpoint.

But who actually are your customers? Where do you obtain this knowledge? What data do you need and/or what data is already available in your company?

Nowadays, being able to have a quick initial insight into the structure of your customers is essential. This can form the basis for a relevant 1:1 customer discussion, for manageable customer segmentation, or for specific improvements in customer journeys. For example, understanding the mortgage calculator, preventing shopping basket drop-outs, and consistently using cross- and up-sell potential.

Today data is an indispensable tool with which to address your customers with relevance, in the proper context and with a personal touch. For added value for you – and for your customers!

The Magic of Data Science in Marketing
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The Magic of Data Science in Marketing

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