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Conscious use of limited resources

Drive powerful and efficient communication with standardization and automation

Brand inconsistency, non-transparent information exchange, or non-efficient workflows are common problems in marketing. Marketing resource management offers a wide range of solutions to these issues — and more.

Strategy, leadership, and controlling are central components in the job profiles of marketing responsibles. In reality, though, they only take up about 20 percent of daily workload. Why? Administrative tasks and project coordination are very time-consuming. This is where marketing resource management (MRM) comes in the game to automate and standardize the operational marketing tasks. MRM analyzes and transforms marketing processes to guarantee efficient brand leadership (internal factor) and brand consistency (outer appearance).

Central knowledge database
gateB optimizes brand leadership in all relevant processes. Through modularization, the MRM portal can be adapted to every specific customer's needs. Its core is often a CI portal with all brand-relevant information, from guidelines to templates to best practices. This digital contact point for all persons involved in the marketing processes is a great relief for the bearers of knowledge. Digital asset management is another central part of clever MRM, making marketing and communication data of all kinds accessible to the right parties.

«The importance of integrated brand leadership is common sense today. But on the level of processes and implementation, there still exist discrepancies.»

— Marco Wyler, Director of Marketing Resource Management at gateB

Consistent and efficient marketing communication
With strong MRM, local units, wherever they are, are enabled to conduct different marketing tasks. As a result, central marketing can focus on consulting and assisting functions and save many resources. Local or international branches can individualize their advertisement materials – based on CI-consistent templates and with sophisticated approval processes – and send them with a click to the printing house. Costs for coordination and adaption are also reduced.

Transparency in marketing planning
With our MRM solution, cooperation and communication happen electronically for all marketing activities, and the status of all documents is visible to everybody. Clearly defined role rights minimize the sources of error.

Central process management and digital mirroring
We will work with you to gain a comprehensive view of your processes so we can fully optimize them, giving you as much value as possible. Through process re-engineering where necessary, we can help you manage all marketing processes centrally and to mirror them digitally.

The Key for Successful Marketing

The Key for Successful Marketing

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