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Orchestrate your marketing activities

Orchestrate your marketing activities for a consistent customer experience across all channels

These days, customers are on their way to “omnichannel” usage – often without realizing it. They are not making a conscious choice about which channel they want to use to communicate with the company, but do this according to context. 

The company must, therefore, realize that it is always the same person – regardless of which channel the customer uses – and free itself from the “silo perspective.” Within the company, all customer contacts must be managed under a central decision-making body under one set of rules. This will contain all planned marketing measures and all available data, all customer contact rules (e.g. no advertising mail in the two weeks following a personal contact), channel restrictions (e.g. the maximum number of outbound calls per call center and day) and strategic specifications (e.g. at least 200,000 web views of a certain product). Based on all this information, the next best action can be taken, even in real time. And all with an optimal budget allocation.

«To serve the customer in all his interactions across all touchpoints, a central guideline is needed.»

— Robert Schumacher, Director Business Development

As we can see, a planned orchestration across all customer contacts, touchpoints, or channels is an absolute must for any company which has made optimal customer experience its motto. Conceptual work – such as a customer contact concept, a prioritizing matrix, channel preferences, and a value-based customer view – is just as important as system-based support with a campaign management system. Without automation, personalized marketing does not happen.

With centrally organized touchpoint management, you can not only generate an optimized customer experience consistent across all touchpoints, but are also in a position to support and intercept the customers at the critical stages of their journey, and, if necessary, to intervene. This means you can carefully target your marketing investment for the greatest impact on your customers.

5 Requirements for Marketing in a Digital World
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5 Requirements for Marketing in a Digital World

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