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Several reasons can drive a rebrand, from reorganization within a company to mergers. These moments are always an opportunity to enter the market with a new face and refreshed, strong brand.

Especially when a company buys another one or when two companies merge, there are a lot of factors to consider, from guidelines to legal questions. Bringing together two brands is always a big challenge, going along with many fundamental questions. First of all, the future brand has to be considered. Afterwards, the consolidation of all communication materials from print products to websites is a big issue.

«Essential for a brand shifting is a clear assignment of user rights within a sophisticated workflow.»

— Uli Meier, Director Multichannel Management

We support companies during a rebranding or brand shifting on all levels, from the definition of a new corporate design to the redesign of all communication media or the implementation of efficient and secure workflows. Smart digital asset management is essential for these processes. With our solution, defining user rights becomes very easy and sources of error are minimized.

Our solutions have the following advantages:

  • All involved parties have a complete overview of the status of the communication media concerning the new corporate design.
  • Project communication takes place directly in the system. Comments can be added and sent by email.
  • All assets are always up to date. Duplications are restricted by the system itself.
  • Assets (e.g. pictures) are automatically assigned to all documents where they are needed. 
Success Story

Success Story

Read our success story about how we supported OC Oerlikon in their post-merger integration of metco (German).

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