You know user experience (UX) matters for your customer-facing solutions. But do you give your internal martech tools the same level of attention? 

Adapting your marketing technology to make your stack more user-friendly can make a big difference. Here are three significant benefits you’ll get by customizing your martech for better UX.

#1 : Increased team satisfaction

The vast majority of companies add new martech every six months — or even more frequently. It’s a lot for marketers to keep up with. On top of managing their existing workload and pivoting in our rapidly changing industry, your team also has to learn these new tools. 

No surprise here: this has led to frustration. We all know the annoyance of racing the clock, trying to make something work, only to find that the tool doesn’t function the way we expected.

The next time you plan to roll out a new solution for your team, consider how easy it will be for them to learn. With better UX, you minimize the headaches that come with trying to grasp a new solution.

#2: Increased efficiency

Greater ease-of-use doesn’t just make your team happier. It also helps them move faster.

How much time do you lose to team members trying to find workarounds in one martech solution or another because things aren’t working the way they need?

If the answer is any time at all, it’s too much. Your martech stack is supposed to support your team’s success, helping them do more in less time. It should make the resources they need readily available. It should make information accessible at a glance. It should integrate data and automate tasks whenever possible.

But the key to making all of these things happen is making your martech work the way it should. And that means setting its users up for success as they work with the tool.

With improved UX, your team can move faster while choosing the proper channels and following the right protocols. How? When everything is clearly laid out and the interface is intuitive, they get the guidance they need. 

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#3: Increased clarity into what’s working — and what isn’t

If you think a specific martech solution isn’t giving you what you need, look into it. Is the problem with the solution itself — or with the way your team is using it?

With bad UX, it’s easy to get caught in bottlenecks. When the right path isn’t easy to follow, teams often use workarounds and stopgap measures. 

That makes it pretty challenging to understand if the problem lies with the marketing technology itself or with the way it’s being used by your team. 

When you clean up your UX, it’s easier for your team to use your martech correctly. When processes are followed, the right data is collected, and assets are properly approved and stored, for example, you can know the tool is working as it should. Then, if it’s not delivering what you need, you can move confidently in the right direction.

Without this clarity, you might jump ship only to find that the problem wasn’t with the vessel itself, but with the way you were using the oars. 

Good UX needs to be a priority to make your martech — and your team — work its best.

A challenge for your team to improve UX

Want to take improved UX to the next level for even more internal satisfaction, productivity, and transparency? Consider consolidating your solutions into a single UI/UX. Then, your team can have everything they need in a single, easy-to-use portal.

Even if you customize every solution to try to build better UX, your team still has to learn the ins and outs of each. They still have to switch between tools. You still run the risk of data or assets getting siloed into one solution or another. Using the various software can get confusing and time-consuming. 

Instead, you can build a single interface for your stack. This way, your team can still use multiple solutions, but they only have one place to go to access them. 

You might not be able to fit everything under one roof, but consolidating as much as you can makes your martech more user-friendly. Plus, it means you only have one interface’s UX to dial in. 

We challenge you to consider this approach to your martech. If you’re interested at all, let’s talk. Our team can integrate your martech solutions and build the UX-focused interface for you. 

If you want help customizing your UX to make your martech easier and more pleasant to use, our implementation specialists are here to help. We also offer support to train your team on using the tools in your stack. Let’s talk to see how we can help you get more team satisfaction, more efficiency, and more clarity.