Martech’s role grows by the day. With the martech industry worth more than $121 billion and posting 22% growth year over year, it’s clear marketers are increasingly turning to technology to power their work. 

And that’s meant expanding uses for martech. Certainly, it’s helpful for streamlining specific processes and automating certain tasks. But implementing the right martech and using it properly can help you accomplish wider-reaching goals, helping your brand cement its place in consumer’s minds and edge out competitors. Using martech to improve brand recognition can help to allay any concerns about the initial investment in the technology, too. Brand awareness builds equity and fosters trust. This, in turn, drives conversions (read: ROI). 

In short, brand recognition can be a major difference-maker for your organization. Marketers reported that “growing brand awareness” is their #1 priority in 2020. And martech can help you do exactly that.

Why consistency is critical

Every company wants brand awareness. More widespread familiarity with your brand helps with customer acquisition, of course. People and companies choose brands they feel like they can trust, and the first step to trust is being known. Once you land those customers, solid branding helps with retention, too. 

All told, brand recognition plays a sizeable role in your organization’s success. There’s a reason brand strategy is the second-most sought-after skill in marketing new hires. 

But it’s impossible for people to recognize a brand that doesn’t present itself in a consistent way. Think about it. If we say McDonald’s, you can picture the specific red and yellow they use. (In fact, consistent color alone can increase brand recognition by up to 80%). Plenty of people don’t really know what the Starbucks logo is supposed to depict, but they can easily pick it out of a lineup.

That’s because these brands are superstars when it comes to their consistency. Their brand guidelines are concrete and they execute on them at every turn.

That’s made especially impressive when you consider the scale of these companies. It’s easy to keep your branding consistent if you’ve got one website with five pages and you only circulate marketing literature locally. But the farther your reach, the more you need to work to maintain consistency.

Brand consistency will require some effort, but the ROI is high. Consistent branding drives revenue increases by up to 33%. Plus, martech can help. 

Martech is the key you turn to power brand recognition

With the right marketing technology in place, it’s easy to provide even widespread teams with the currently approved brand guidelines and branded assets. Suddenly, people have no excuse for using the logo that became outdated years ago or communication that no longer aligns with your company values. And that’s clearly a common problem right now. 62% of marketing professionals said that making sure their content is consistent with their branding presents a major challenge. 

You can overcome this hurdle with martech. Use it to create a centralized place for all properly branded assets where people can easily download and alter things according to their needs. In this way, you make it easier for people and teams to stay on top of current branding. 

On top of that, your martech can help you keep eyes on all marketing materials as they’re created to ensure compliance with that current branding. And it can do that without slowing down time-to-market. 

Historically, compliance has meant another feedback loop. Something comes across the appointed branding expert’s desk — and everything pauses until they give their seal of approval.

With martech, though, the OK you need can be a quick, seamless part of the overall creation process. Plus, increased visibility into the workflow keeps everyone — including the branding approver — on track and accountable for any delays.

In short, your martech can enable easy access to the right branded assets while streamlining any approval processes. In this way, it gives you the power to guarantee brand consistency.

Does your martech help your brand get recognized? 

Other brand recognition benefits of martech

Your martech’s usefulness doesn’t have to end once collateral is approved. It can also help with the branded piece’s distribution, allowing you to push it out to the right people at the right time on the right channel with the right message. 

And reaching people at their preferred touchpoints with content that’s personalized to them helps create a positive impression. Now, that consumer feels generally good about your brand. The next time they see something from you (that’s beautifully branded, of course), you further lock in positive brand recognition. 

Ultimately, martech can help you foster the brand recognition you want at every point in the marketing process. But it all comes down to finding the right martech solutions for your brand’s specific needs. 

That’s where we come in. As martech implementation and integration specialists, we can help you identify the right marketing technologies. Then, we can customize and install them at your organization, ensuring they work seamlessly with the rest of your martech stack. 

If you’re curious to learn more about using martech for better brand recognition — and how we can do the legwork for you — get in touch