Three actionable items to get your tech stacked

You might have missed Sarah Iskander’s talk at Creative Operations in San Diego. But we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on the key takeaways.

Does your martech work beautifully as one integrated stack – or is it more of a tangled mess? Here are three ways to optimize your tech so it makes your work life easier and your department more successful.

#1: Ask the right questions

Don't ask questions with a solution already in mind. You might think you need a DAM, CMS, workflow management platform, etc., but talk to your team first. Take a step back and understand the pain points. Then, armed with that knowledge, you can explore a solution. You may not need anything new at all. Optimizing and interconnecting your existing martech could make the difference your team needs.

#2: There's no perfect stack

The ideal stack for your organization almost definitely will look different from any other. The best stack doesn't necessarily consist of the best individual pieces. It's one where all those pieces are integrated and work in harmony. Like any good puzzle, connectivity is key. Don’t get distracted by the newest, flashiest solutions. Choose martech that will play nicely with the solutions you already have in place.

#3: Make room for a difference

It can be tempting to only shop turnkey solutions, but that can be very limiting. These solutions are designed to be universal, which means they'll fit everyone – sort of. They won't, however, meet your specific needs. Customizing martech so that it serves your actual needs is the key to not paying for more than you need and not getting stuck with a tangle of different solutions that don't talk to each other. Customization might be more work on the front end, but it pays off long-term.

Tailor-made solutions

We have many years of experience in implementing tailor-made marketing software in numerous companies in a wide range of industries, from SMEs to global corporations, from the service sector to industrial companies.

Want to learn more? We would be happy to assist you in ensuring that your martech plays together well.

Want to get your tech stacked?