gateB is consistently pursuing the best-of-breed approach when we choose marketing software partners. We’re striving to find and integrate the best possible solution for every application of enterprise software.

We offer suites from industry-leading marketing software providers and continually work with new vendors to best meet our clients’ unique needs. We find the right solution for you, then we custom-configure it so you get a high-performance software that meets your current needs and scales with your business.

In order to keep delivering the best solutions available, we constantly scan the market for new and improved marketing software in diverse applications. When we choose a partner, we work with them to develop close, long-term relationships. This streamlines things for you. Rather than having to talk to the software provider and an implementation team separately, you have a single point of contact — us — to handle everything from your RFP to rollout and beyond. 

"Technology presents opportunity.
We partner with our clients to help them make the most of it, guiding them through the glut of choices available today to the right processes and solutions
for their unique brand."

Sarah Iskander

gateB Consulting, Inc.

That said, we can work with any vendor. Whether you already have a software provider in mind or you have unique needs that extend beyond what our partners can provide, don’t worry. We have the expertise necessary to find, implement, and integrate the best solution for your unique brand. 

Without further ado, we’re proud to introduce you to our marketing software partners. These are the brands we work with regularly. We love their solutions and we think you will, too. 

Our Partners


censhare's cutting-edge smart content management software is much more than just a DAM (although it is a really, really good DAM). censhare’s solution can also deliver web content management, product information management (PIM), omnichannel content management, and brand management.

Within censhare, text, images, videos, and graphics, — plus Office, Adobe, HTML, and other file types — are easily stored and managed in a media-neutral database. What’s more, they can be linked to master data so efforts like the creation of factsheets and client presentations are streamlined. 

When you choose censhare, the asset you need can be ready for the output channel you specify with the push of a button. With it, you can control and automate the production of content for all of your touchpoints in all of your languages. 

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Sitecore’s content hub delivers a DAM designed for the modern marketer. It provides what you’d expect — a central location for your photos, artwork, templates, and videos, plus 3D assets and source files — alongside features designed to make your life easier. Think: the ability to preview search results in context (even .zip files), batch file editing, and easily controllable user rights. 

This content hub streamlines asset storage, management, and finding. To add assets, just drag and drop them in, then add metadata right in the same interface. Tag the assets and call out content usage rights to prevent compliance problems. Then, easily share the right assets with the right people thanks to easy digital rights management. Sitecore helps you do it all with just a few clicks.

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Workfront is a leader in online work management software, delivering streamlined workflows, centralized projects, and simpler feedback loops and recordkeeping. With their modern work management platform, your work — and the work of everyone you work with — lives together with all your digital assets in a single location so you can analyze, optimize, and automate your workflows. 

With Workfront behind you, it becomes easy to eliminate bottlenecks, put a stop to duplicated efforts, and smooth the resulting frustrations. The greater efficiency and ease free you and your team up for increased creativity. At the same time, built-in measures ensure compliance and consistency so you can protect your brand without a second thought.

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Do you want to know more about our partnerships?


BrandMaker is one of the pioneers in marketing resource management (MRM) solutions. Their modular, leading-edge software can be tailored to your organization and can span your entire marketing process, driving customer engagement and internal efficiency. 

BrandMaker’s solution is extremely versatile. Here are just a few of the things it can do for your organization:

  • Deliver marketing resource management (MRM)

  • Deliver digital asset management (DAM)

  • Support brand management via a brand portal

  • Enable local area marketing

  • Offer performance management

  • Automate customer engagement

BrandMaker offers specific tools designed to help modern marketing departments thrive.

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Magnolia is more than just your standard CMS. It’s a content management system that facilitates sophisticated digital, multichannel, and multilingual experiences. With Magnolia, you can centrally administer and manage your various websites plus all content, channels, and languages. 

And thanks to Magnolia’s simple content creation tools, your team can easily customize content to its local needs. At the same time, your frontend and backend developers get access to Magnolia’s powerful development tools. If you want a CMS that can help you optimize your customer journeys across all channels, Magnolia delivers.

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Aprimo gives you tools to create richer experiences for your customers. Their leading-edge marketing platform integrates and optimizes content and operations. It blends a number of solutions to the modern marketer’s needs into a single, rich platform. With Aprimo, you get:

  • A powerful DAM

  • A comprehensive Distributed Marketing platform for local and channel marketing

  • A Campaign tool to generate targeted lists and plan and execute campaigns to them

  • A Plan & Spend tool to make it easy to align your marketing spend with your goals and to prove MROI

  • A Productivity Management platform to support — and even automate — collaboration, driving efficiency department-wide

When this solution is implemented by gateB, an Aprimo Alliance Partner, the versatile software helps you enrich your customer’s experience with your brand in a way that develops loyalty and drives revenue.

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Your martech should scale with your brand. Tenovos does exactly that thanks to their enterprise SaaS Global Marketing Supply Chain™ (GMSC) platform. This unified content platform moves with you from ideation to distribution, using the latest advancements — like machine learning and AI — along the way to make your life easier. 

With their GMSC, you decrease time-to-market, make it easier to track your processes, and boost efficiency. Their content store makes it simple to manage the lifecycle of your assets, while their workstream feature helps you manage your asset pipeline. Plus, Tenovos is designed to easily integrate into your existing martech stack.

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