Support to make sure
your solutions work the way
you need — always

Have you ever noticed that when IT is there to help you, your tech runs smoothly — but the moment they walk away, you hit a wall?

Yeah, we know the feeling. That’s why we offer ongoing martech support. Whether you hired us for your initial implementation and want to ensure your martech scales with you or simply want an on-call team for when things don’t work the way you need, gateB’s dedicated support team is ready to help.

From start to finish — and beyond

At gateB, we help a wide variety of businesses rollout an extensive array of products and services. But we know that just because somethings works perfectly at its official launch doesn’t mean it will meet your exact needs in a year. In our digital age, change happens fast. We offer ongoing support in multiple languages and time zones to keep you operating at peak efficiency.

Our support services allow us to better iterate our products and services. Whenever an issue arises, our ability to offer flexible support helps us continuously improve. Plus, we look good when you look good.

Tiered support for your specific needs

We don’t believe that anyone should be left waiting for the support they need to do their job just because they don’t have the right access rights. We offer first-level martech support for end users, meaning we can be on the ground with you whenever the need arises.

And we also offer second-level support for teams and administrators, ensuring we’re not just squashing bugs as they arise without looking at their source. Our higher-level support is designed to help us stay informed about your martech so we can deliver what it needs to function its best for your team.

Find out what our support can do for you.

We're pros at customizing our support services to help teams best overcome their specific challenges. Give us a call to learn how we can bring you relief. 

Our martech support drives adoption and continuous improvement

Implementing new tech? Don’t do it alone. People hate change, and they definitely hate changing to a new tech solution. That’s why our support services include training, access to best practices, and more to make quick, department-wide adoption a no-brainer.

We also believe that your solutions should grow with you. Over the years, our martech support helps you finetune your marketing software so it continues to meet your needs, even as marketing transforms at a breakneck pace.

Sound like a plan? If you want the martech support that will help you and your team thrive, call gateB.