Today’s marketing teams watch their to-do lists grow. Now, they have to manage the ideation, creation, and distribution of seemingly countless content types (white papers, blogs, social media content, etc.) on an ever-growing number of different channels.

On top of that, as customers increasingly expect hyperpersonalization in real-time, it’s not enough to just get the right content published on the right channel. You also need to adapt your messaging to each individual and their current needs and interests.

Did reading that stress you out? You’re not alone. It’s no surprise that many marketers feel they’re facing a content crisis.

In fact, when our partner, Sitecore, conducted research into Trends in Personalization, they found that a staggering 95% of global marketing leaders are looking for a way to publish personalized content faster and more cost-effectively.

In a recent guide called “How to Solve Your Content Crisis," Sitecore highlighted three of the biggest content problems facing marketers today.

Uncoordinated channels

Many companies create and manage their content with a focus on that content’s intended channel. In fact, in many cases, the content is created on the specific channel.

That brings up two major issues: redundancies and inconsistencies. If your team is creating similar content for different channels, you’re probably wasting time and resources. It’s more effective to create content, then adapt it for the proper channel.

Similarly, creating separate content on separate channels opens you up to inconsistencies. If content needs to get adapted, will your team remember to go back to it on each relevant channel to complete the update?

As the number of channels on which content is published grows, a lack of coordination across them becomes more and more daunting.

Undefined processes

With different types of content being created for different channels by different teams, it’s not surprising that many companies feel they lack a seamless, streamlined content process.

In fact, we’ve found that even when organizations do have defined content flows, they’re often siloed by channel or audience.

This makes it much harder to implement new workflows, assets, and channels. To keep up with the rapid pace marketing now demands, companies need a defined, easy-to-follow process for content planning, creation, review, distribution, and measurement.

Unconnected assets

Theoretically, your content should integrate assets that are available organization-wide. Once approved, the content should become a new asset itself that different teams can leverage. All too often, though, assets and content don’t sync.

When something gets updated in your PIM, for example, does the new info get pushed to your content? Once content is approved, is it distributed so that different teams in different markets can localize and use it?

Organizations need to consider their content system as just one piece of their enterprise-wide technology stack. And the content system needs to integrate seamlessly, allowing information and assets to flow both to and from the content team.

Solving these problems and getting control of your content

Fortunately, in their practical guide, “How to Solve Your Content Crisis,” Sitecore gives companies implementable ways to overcome these content challenges.

How to Solve Your Content Crisis

How to Solve Your Content Crisis

This ebook from Sitecore gives you five practical steps to rewire your content creation process so your content can be a source of pride for your team, not a source of stress.

Download this ebook from Sitecore that gives you five practical steps to rewire your content creation process

Sitecore’s tips include:

  • Implementing an enterprise-wide content management system (CMS)
  • Defining the relevant steps of the content process, including:
    • Planning
    • Authoring and collaborating
    • Managing and curating
    • Publishing and measuring effectiveness
  • Modularizing content so it can be localized and personalized
  • Implementing content governance to enable brand-supporting content reuse

As Sitecore’s implementation partner, we can help you leverage their industry-leading CMS to solve your content crisis. If you want help building the best content process for your team or setting up a CMS, don’t hesitate to contact our content marketing specialists.